New and Improved

New and Improved.

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New and Improved


Rainbow Over Papakea

Returning to Papakea in late April to prepare for renovations. Almost half of the project has new lanais and railings. Second half now getting underway. Lots is being done to hide to construction, so guests can enjoy their well-earned vacations.

The nice thing about Papakea, is the extraordinary returning-guest rate. That’s what sold us. We go twice a year, but wish we could go more.

After a long dry spell, March was a little wet. That should green-up the hillsides, and get the waterfalls flowing again. Spring at Papakea is always beautiful and colorful.

We hope to shoot some more videos, and share them on YouTube when we return, on our video channel ThePapakea.

Most of all, we just want to sit, relax, stare at the ocean, and listen to the waves crash against the seawall. (Sorry, not into sand.) No matter what’s going on in our “real lives,” the fantasy island of Papakea washes all the stress away! Just can’t wait!!

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Whale Season Rules!


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Another Year for Papakea





After taking care of business, and a lot of meetings, the annual homeowners gathering ended with a great sunset luau. Each year we add new friends to our ohana, and sometimes say some goodbyes. Good people, good friends, and a few green flash sightings made for a wonderful reunion.

The renovations continue, and we hope to see more improvements soon, for the guests, especially those who keep coming back time and again.

Papakea no ka oi !!!

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Papakea Annual Luau

The big annual September Papakea Luau is coming up!  Sunrises, sunsets, and all the fun in-between. We’ll see all our favorite seawall friends again. Lots of new ideas brewing at Papakea, from fire pits to palapas, and maybe a one-of-a-kind green flash monitoring station, for guests to take their picture in front of. Fingers crossed.

Counting the days! Papakea no ka oi.

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We visit Maui twice a year.  There’s just so much to do: snorkeling, cruises, sunsets, ziplines, parasails, submarines, whale watching, turtle-watching… We keep going back because the water is warm and clear, the sunsets are romantic, and the air is clean.

We bought a little place with a sunset view, to relax, to eat on our own schedule, and to make new friends to see every year.  The weather seems to be different every couple of miles, due to mist blowing over from the mountain tops, and trade winds changing from beach to beach.

We’ve settled in at The Papakea.  The perfect sunset location, with consistent trade winds to keep us cool.  We’ll be there in September, for a luau and a mai tai.  Our sunset seawall gang makes every trip memorable.  Can’t wait to look for the green flash again!

If you get a chance, watch the video to check out the views.  It’s a great place to share with your special someone!

More videos and information on our main website  and you can even follow us on Twitter   @Papakea


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Papakea B-307 Views

Some of the entertaining things you can see from B-307’s lanai.

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